Softworks follows all changes in the industry and choose to use only worldwide accepted applications that meet the high standards of quality needed by the company (SQL, Oracle, Delphi/Object Pascal, Java, OOP etc).

Also the company focuses on its own Research and development department. Many years of research has maintained the unique application V-Forms/V-Lib platform.

V-Lib library is a group of objects, components and controls that develop 2-tier or 3-tier Client Server applications. V-Lib objects provide database (RDBMS) and application communication, O/S, peripherals and other applications (Excel etc).

V-Forms framework is a group of forms and form templates that use a specified procedure to design and develop efficient applications. V-Forms use provides faster programming procedures, maintains uniformity and decreases drastically the possibility of error within the application.

V-Forms/V-Lib platform which is used to develop software applications by Softworks and other partner companies maximises productivity, decreases development time and is a key factor to the high efficiency of the overall product.

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