Software support services
Softworks provides its customers with high quality support services. The use of telecommunication technologies and the Internet gives us the ability to offer immediate support to the remote customers.

Software Development
Softworks can develop specialised custom software (upon request).
Applying it's technology and the high expertise in the field, Softworks can offer solutions to any specialised needs that cannot be offered in a standard software product.

Servicios Oracle

Softworks es distribuidor y centro de servicios del Sistema de Base de Datos (RDBMS) Oracle Database Server y del resto de productos de Oracle.

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Servicios Linux

Softworks ofrece Oracle Enterprise Linux y proporciona soporte y servicios integrales para sistemas Linux.

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Specialised services

Softworks provides specialised services on an annual support contract basis or customised contract. Companies, public and private organisations that demand high quality of service have been satisfied Softwork's customers for many years.

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